G-day to all the Budding Authors out There!



I’m slightly embarrassed that it’s been over a year and a half since my last post! What can I say? I got sick…I got busy…I got distracted…Life got in the way. That’s what I’ve been telling people when they’ve asked about my writing;  that’s also what I’ve been telling myself. And it’s true… well partially anyway!

I have ‘allowed’ life to get in the way because of many deeper issues that have been at play in my mind like fear…doubt…criticism…lack of inspiration…perfectionism…the list could go on and on. All of these things have led to severe procrastination on my part, and have had a debilitating effect on my writing, as well as my growth as a person.

However, despite all this, I still want to be a writer, and I still consider myself a writer. Although, to be a writer, one needs to write, so I just need to write!! It sounds so simple, doesn’t it? It’s amazing how we have the tendency to seriously over complicate even the most simple things at times! Well, I guess none of that really matters now, because here I am! I have decided to show up for my writing today, because I believe that my writing matters. My voice matters. I matter.


I jot down notes for this blog post in my notebook as I sit at a café in Darling Harbour, this morning, ready to embark on Day 2 of the Hay House Writer’s Workshop, at Sydney’s International Convention Centre. What a phenomenal experience this workshop has been so far! I’ve learned so much already, including the difference between a traditional publishing house and self- publishing, (as well as a hybrid of the two, which I had no idea even existed!) how to create a successful book proposal, how to build a solid media platform, and the do’s/don’ts from people on the inside- who’ve both failed and succeeded.

I’ve also been intrigued and inspired by the personal stories of the various presenters, recounting their (often colourful) journeys into the writing/publishing world. Deciding to invest the time, effort and money into this workshop was not a decision I reached lightly. It took quite a bit of nudging from the Universe to get me here! I have to say, however, that I am getting better at hearing these whisperings from the great beyond. Thankfully, I no longer need my guidance to be repeatedly boomed out over a megaphone! Hearing and accepting the guidance to attend this workshop was merely the first step.

I soon realised there was so much more to it for me; I had to make the decision that I was really going to do this – not just attend the workshop, but really commit to my writing, once and for all. I had been praying about how to do this for some time – praying about how to finally make this commitment to my writing and to myself, and stick with it.

It appeared that God was certainly listening, and was now answering my prayers. He not only orchestrated things so that this Writer’s Workshop event popped up on my Facebook feed one day out of nowhere, he also conjured up a new friend (whom I’d only met once at a Book Club meeting) to invite me along! She gave me the extra little push that I needed to really consider going to this workshop and making more of a conscious effort with my writing. (Thank you, lovely!)

notebook w coffee

So after some more praying, meditating and soul searching, I decided to finally take the plunge. It has certainly been a journey – it’s taken me years to get here! Hallelujah!!! I am so grateful for how far I’ve come, but am well aware that it may still take me years to get to where I want to be. But that’s ok, as I know I am now on my way, and it feels bloody great!

The other thing that feels really great is that since I decided to commit to my writing, the ideas and inspiration have been flowing, virtually non-stop! I haven’t found myself in this creative space for years! As well as being in the flow again, somehow, I’ve also managed to squeeze in some time to write – in between attending this weekend long workshop, dinners with friends, theatre with the family, cooking, cleaning (and all that jazz at home), and a late night call from a mate overseas! I really didn’t ‘have’ any spare time to write this weekend, or so I thought, but I managed to carve some time out to devote to my craft. I’m learning that perseverance is key.  I’ve even found new ways to ‘write’,  like creating an audio memo of my ideas while driving today, that I can type up later, so I don’t lose that inspired train of thought almost as quickly as it arrived.

light bulbs.jpg

In addition to feeling more inspired and determined, as well as less fearful and stuck, the Universe has also gifted me with some wonderful new friends who also share my passion for writing. We have agreed to collaborate regularly, and give each other a good kick up the bum whenever needed! Again, I feel these new partnerships have also been an answer to my prayers, for which I am truly grateful.

I’m learning more and more these days, that when you ask the Universe for something – when you really ask for it, when you really want it and when you are really ready to receive it, the Universe provides. In this particular instance, I asked for help in making my writing a priority so that I could become a published author. I also wanted writing to be a bigger part of my life because it brings me a lot of joy and I feel called to do it.

For you, that thing that lights you up may not be writing. It could be anything that makes you feel more joyful, or keeps pulling at your heart strings, urging you to do something about it. For me, that little voice that kept pleading with me to write was just so damn persistent that I couldn’t ignore it any longer!

I guess you could say that writing is my thing! I encourage you to find whatever your ‘thing’ is, and try to do more of it whenever you can. If you need help to find the time for your thing, or figure out how to approach it, or maintain it, just ask for help & then wait patiently for it to arrive, believing and trusting with all your heart that it will.

Be on the lookout though, as this help often arrives in ways you don’t anticipate. Also, be careful what you wish for! When you say to the Universe, “I AM READY”, make sure that you truly are ready, because whatever you are asking for may just coming knocking at your door in the blink of an eye!


I’m certainly enjoying the journey so far!

More soon! M xx